Welcome to Intrinsic Vicissitude, the site that exists to help you rewrite your life story!

What this site is about:

This site is about changing your life, changing your fortune, helping you find ways to fix the things that you want to fix in your life, finding your inner truth, and sharing inspirational and useful information about developing positivity.

Intrinsic is defined as belonging naturally, or essential, and its synonyms are inherent, innate, and inborn.

Vicissitude is defined as a change in circumstances or fortune, and its synonyms are change, alteration, and shift.

So, combined, the words describe one’s innate ability to change one’s circumstances or fortune.

Want to know more? Browse around the site, ask questions, leave comments, check out the source information mentioned in the posts.

New posts will drop on the blog page, so that’s a great place to start, plus links to some great books will be scattered throughout the site and the articles if you’re looking for some more in-depth reading; and there’s a little more info about me and my inspiration for this site on the About page, if you’re just curious about who is writing this and why.

I’ll make new pages in order to organize the site as it grows.

(If you write, or someone you know anyone who writes self-help or motivational books, drop me a note at LaureJ@consultant.com because I’m looking for some guest posters and books to review for this site.)

I hope you’ll find the Intrinsic Vicissitude site motivating and useful.

Yours in intrinsic vicissitude,