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Why You Should Stop and Smell the Flowers When You Need To

I don’t take a lot of time off from work, so I tend to get kind of burned out, so this post is as much as reminder to myself to stop and smell the flowers as it is to show why everyone should.

Image and quote by Laure Justice

I generally work every day. I do this because I work for myself and no one pays the bills if I don’t. So, while I may put in an occasional short day, It’s very rare that I take a full day off. However, that may actually be detrimental to my productivity, and to yours, too, if you don’t take occasional time away from work.

Overworking Is Bad for Your Health

Overworking increases your stress level and your risk of having a heart attack. As far as the heart attack risk, it’s actually based on working more than 10 hours per day, and the increased risk is huge – 60 percent higher than the risk faced by those who keep shorter hours.

This post is actually about taking days off, but realistically, that isn’t always possible, and sometimes long days are part of regular work life. So, you can apply the ‘stop and smell the flowers’ concept in short bursts throughout the day to gain some of the self-care benefits.

Productivity Drops When You Overwork

When you’re putting in too many hours, your productivity drops. So, it may seem as if putting in long days, every is going to up your productivity and therefore your earning potential, the reality is it doesn’t happen that way. For most people, the sweet spot in hours to work is around 40 per week, with a maximum of 50, and then productivity drops.

One place that I run into trouble is, I work from home on my computer, and sometimes my work hours blend into my mindless-internet-surfing hours. So, I FEEL like I’m working from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, but actually it’s just that I tried to work too long and my mind wandered… simply, my productivity dropped.

Overworking Changes Your Attitude

When you work too many hours in a day or a week, or you go too long without taking some time for yourself, it affects your attitude. It’s really normal to get cranky and short-tempered toward others when you’re overworked.

I tend to get stuck in a cycle when I overwork. I get annoyed if anyone interrupts me, and I miss out on the chance to connect with family members and friends. Plus, I can’t SEE what I’m doing in terms of the relationships that matter most to me because I get caught up in the work-work-work mentality.

It would so great to hear about your experiences with overworking! Feel free to share your thoughts on overworking and how it affects you in the comments section below, or look for Intrinsic Vicissitude on Facebook to join the conversation there.

By Laure Justice