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10 Best, Easy Tips for Organizing Your Home

Reducing stress by reducing clutter is an easy way to make an almost instant positive feeling in your life, so browse through this list of ten easy ways to start getting organized around the house.

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10 Best, Easy Tips for Organizing Your Home

No matter how big the mess is, getting organized almost always starts at the same place.

  1. You have to sort things and you have to have a place to put them.
  2. If every inch of space is filled with clutter, then you have to make a new space for things as you sort them.
  3. Plastic bins for storage are perfect for creating a space to put things, so the sorted items are separate from the rest.
  4. This also lets you see your progress by simply looking into the storage containers.
  5. Get at least one large storage bin, because when you really start making progress, your storage containers fill up fast!
  6. A large bin lets you work longer without stopping or shifting your focus away from your organizing task.
  7. If you don’t need it, throw it away, sell it, or donate it to charity.
  8. Pace yourself – if you over-do it and end up with an aching back or sore legs, it’s tempting to give up.
  9. Make daily progress and record it in a diary or photo journal. This gives you something to be proud of – and increased self-esteem reduces the chance of you becoming a clutter-re-offender.
  10. Ask for help or share your  stress with someone who has been through it – or someone who is going through it now.

Feel free to share your best organizing tips or ask for ideas if you find you’re just stumped on how to tackle an organizing project,