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The Apple and the Seed

What if you look at it another way – as a symbol of – well – life.

Have you ever really looked at an apple and considered its role in the grand scheme of life?

It’s just a piece of fruit, right?

The Apple

The flesh of the apple is beautiful, delicious (if you like apples), and somewhat perishable – just like the bodies we live in – full of energy and things that make each of beautiful and special (no matter what the empty-headed Barbie-bully-twits who don’t have the capacity to look past the apple think).

The Seed

But just like people, you’ve got to look deeper to find the true magic of an apple. The magic lies in the seed. It doesn’t seem like it right off – I mean – you can’t really eat it. Some folks say it’s actually poison. It isn’t pretty. And even the bit of protective layer around the seed, in the apple’s flesh, is pretty nasty if you bite into it with its unpleasant texture.

The Magic

But still, the seed is where the magic is. Let it dry and drop it in the dirt, somewhere it won’t get trampled or mowed, and in a few years, it starts to produce more apples, each beautiful and delicious as the first apple that provided the donor seed, and each with the potential to create thousands – millions – more apples.

Imperfections? No!

Will each apple be perfect and beautiful – no – insects get some – bad weather sucks the perfection out of some – some just get denied of the light they need. It’s the same with people, we were each born to be beautiful and amazing, but life can kick the sh!t out of you, and leave you messed up.

Our bodies are just the apple – our spirits and potential – those are our seeds.

Choose what kind of seeds you want to plant, let them bear healthy fruit, and try to look at yourself  and others with loving eyes that recognize the true beauty of each spirit and each person you encounter.