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Set the Wheels in Motion

Not happy with where you are? Feeling stuck? Almost everyone gets bogged down at one time or another. So, what can you DO about it?

  • Take some time to reflect – how long is up to you – on what your main goal is.
  • If you have a lot of things you want to change, it can feel overwhelming, thinking of changing your life, so just pick one thing to make your goal.
  • Once you get that goal set in your mind, write it down, or if it’s to get a material object, better yet – get a picture and place it where you will see it at least twice a day.
  • Let yourself experience the emotions you will feel when you attain the goal – let your mind make it real. This is called emotionalizing something – and it is a very effective, powerful psychological tool used by many wildly successful people throughout history.
  • Take a breath before you go on – then pick one thing you can do each day to work toward your goal. It doesn’t have to be big, in fact, sometimes it’s best if you slip in easy to test the water instead of just going for it big time.
  • Take time every day to re-emotionalize your goal – twice a day is best – once when you first get up, and once at bedtime – but – if you miss it – just do it when you can.
  • Don’t expect perfection as you begin this change process, perfection is a nice goal, but being human, it isn’t easy to attain.
  • Add doing something positive each day to your goal emotionalizing and beginning tasks. This can be something artistic or creative that you enjoy, or sharing the techniques for goal setting and setting the wheels in motion to rewrite a life story.

Putting something positive out there in the world is such a  great way to energize yourself and others! Don’t look at it as a burden because it doesn’t drop money, or whatever your goal is, in your lap. It’s about positivity for positivity’s sake.

This blog is my attempt at sharing positivity with the world – though I do not always remember to post daily – or on any kind of schedule – I guess I need to follow my own advice more closely – and make it a habit to share more positive things here.

A final note: you’ll end up profiting from your positivity in economic ways, sometimes you won’t, but always you will benefit from the experience of sharing goodness and light with others.

Thanks for reading, and if you would like to share your goals or the positive things you do each day, you are, as always, welcome to share in the comments section below.