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Take it All Off

I recently finished reading a really unique and helpful eBook by an author named Betsy Talbot. I was lucky enough to pick it up via a BookBub promotion.

The book was called Strip Off Your Fear: Radiate the Confidence Within.

The book exceeded my expectations because it used a fun stripper example all the way through to provide examples of how to boost your self esteem and learn to love yourself.

I felt it was a perfect book to review here, because what can be more instrumental to rewriting your life – and tapping into your intrinsic vicissitude – than a boost in self esteem?

Talbot used the stripper example in the sense of taking off your clothes to examine the exposed sensitive areas underneath – including negative self-talk, and fears about self worth and even about life in general.

The part of the book that I found the most helpful, was the direct manner the writer used to talk about “how” self esteem gets damaged, “why” it stays that way, and then offered mental exercises to help move to the next phase of a better sense of self esteem.

If you would like to check out this (in my opinion) awesome eBook, here is a link so you can easily jump over to Amazon:

I liked it so much I’m now reading another of Betsy Talbot’s eBooks – this one co-authored with her husband, Warren, The Step by Step Guide to Getting Rid of It: Eliminate the Clutter in Your Life (also an Amazon offering if you’re interested in decluttering your life while you rewrite it).