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Underbed Storage Tips to Help You Organize Your Bedroom Quickly

Underbed Storage Container
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When I was a kid, one of my family’s favorite “cleaning tricks” was to stuff things under furniture to hide clutter when company was coming over, and while it made the house look clean and organized really quickly.

I hated it because I could never find my things after our company went home.

So, imagine my surprise (and delight) when I discovered there was a way to make use of space under the bed for something other than an abyss for hiding things that should have been put away right in the first place!

Underbed Storage Tips

  • I like to store things under the bed that won’t be needed for at least a season, so my first tip is to neatly pack the container you are using.
  • My second tip is to be aware of the underbed conditions, such as prone to mildew – or mice – or moths, and pack necessary things to battle any known problems along with the things you are storing down there.
    • (It’s easier to tuck some fabric softener sheets in the containers to repel critters than it is to find your favorite sweater or your high school sweetheart’s love letters  chewed to shreds.)
  • My third tip is, don’t underestimate the value of accurate labeling. Use a P-Touch or Dymo labeler, or just grab a Sharpie and list the container’s contents on an easy to see spot.
    • That way, you don’t have to pull it out and unpack it every time you can’t find something – you will know at a glance exactly what is in the storage box under your bed.

Container to Store Garments

While storage units are great and serve a purpose in certain situations, at home storage is tops for  convenience, even when it’s physically under the furniture.

Some natural fiber textiles do best when packed in breathable cedar-lined trunks or drawers, but most clothing can safely be stored in plasticized storage containers for at least a couple months.

Shallow Underbed storage

Long, narrow, and shallow, plastic box storage containers are the most common type of underbed storage container.

Plastic Bins for Storage

As far as brands, the best way to find the perfect container for your needs is to take measurements of your available space, and start by looking at the selection of Rubbermaid underbed storage container units.

  • I suggest starting with the brand name, at least as far as the shopping and comparison stage, because the Rubbermaid logo is easy to spot, and it lets you see the available features offered by the company that pretty much sets a high-quality standard in storage containers.
  • That in no way means I’m recommending one brand as the best because there are a lot of excellent storage container brands, but Rubbermaid containers, in my experience, are good and worth checking out while you make price and quality comparisons.

Cardboard Boxes

For short term underbed storage, cardboard bed boxes provide a less costly alternative to plastic and are every bit as effective at keeping your stored items neatly organized – as long as you label the boxes.