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Affirmations for Creating a Clutter-Free Life

If you’ve heard about the emotional advantages of living a clutter-free life and you’re ready to get started, writing down and repeating simple, positive affirmations can help you get started and can help you keep on decluttering when you hit a hard spot in the process.

Affirmations for Creating a Clutter-Free Life

Decluttering Your Home State your affirmations in present tense, as if you have already achieved a clutter-free state, and write them down.

Using present tense and the act of writing your desires down in your own handwriting have an impact on the way your subconscious mind processes your affirmations and they affect how much success you have in the long run.

5 Examples of Affirmations for a Clutter-Free Life:

(Feel free to use these, or adapt them as needed to suit your lifestyle.)

  1. I make progress every day by getting rid of at least three pieces of clutter.
  2. Every day, I enjoy my life more because I have a clean, clutter-free living space.
  3. I no longer feel the stress that comes from dealing with unwanted junk all over my home.
  4. I always know where my shoes are, because my home is neat and tidy.
  5. I don’t waste time looking for lost papers and keys because everything in my office has a place and I put things where they belong.

Dare to Enjoy a Life Without Clutter

“If you’ve had something for more than six months, and it’s still not repaired, it’s clutter.”  – Gretchen Rubin

Deciding which of your treasure are clutter can be a challenge. One approach is the six-month test mentioned above though I would add one exception – if it gives you joy, even if unused for six months, it might not be appropriate to call it  clutter.

  • So, for example, you’ve recited your affirmations about decluttering and you’re ready to tackle cleaning out your overstuffed kitchen cupboards…
    • You toss out old pans with scraped off nonstick coatings and plastic containers with missing lids – easy choices.
      • Then, you get to your grandmother’s gravy boat – you haven’t used it in over a year, but you love it nonetheless.
        • It gives you joy!
          • So – keep it, but make sure to make a proper space for it.

Back to Your Affirmations…

To get the most results, write your affirmations on a slip of paper and keep it handy, so you can refer to it and read it, at least, three times a day.

When you read the affirmations about decluttering, picture how your home or office will look, and let yourself experience how it will feel.

The more vividly you can picture the lifestyle you want, the more inspired you will be as you begin tossing out the clutter.

Once you have your chosen affirmations in hand, go another step and get started on decluttering to get organized- as great as affirmations are, you still have to do the work to get the lifestyle.

Super Easy Organization Tips for the Kitchen

It is hard to feel good about your home when it’s a mess, and that applies whether you’re talking about the kitchen or any other room, but this post focuses only on organizing the kitchen.

By Laure Justice

Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization
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 While organizing should always begin with taking a look around the room and making  a plan, you don’t have to invest a lot of time in this step, because you won’t really know exactly what you need to do until you jump in there and get started.

Just make a very general plan, to get yourself started – momentum is your friend when you’re trying to get organized, because once you start it feels great and you’ll – hopefully – want to keep going.

Organizing Tips

The best place to start depends on the amount of disorganization you’re dealing with – if clutter hoarding is a problem in the kitchen you’re cleaning, you’ll almost have to start with decluttering.


Set up a couple of boxes or plastic storage bins, and a trash can, then begin sorting things into the bins.

  • Stack things as neatly as possible, so more fits in the bins.
  • Take the trash out as soon as the trash can gets full, so it won’t get knocked over and have to be picked up a second time.
  • Stop to wash dishes as soon as the bins are full.
  • Wipe down counters, dust, and mop as soon as a surface is cleaned off.

Get Organized

How to Organize Your Organize Your Kitchen
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Organize the kitchen for convenience – put items used for baking closer to the oven, put pots and pans and cooking utensils close to the cook-top.

Take advantage of labeling. Get out your P-Touch or Dymo, or just use masking tape and a marker to make note of where things belong. This makes it easier to stay organized as you get used to your new, tidy kitchen layout.

I hope these kitchen organizing ideas inspire you and you find them helpful – and I invite you to ask questions, leave a comment, and browse around the site to learn more home organization ideas.