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Have You Used Up All Your Options?

“When you have exhausted all your possibilities, remember this: You haven’t”

-Thomas Edison

Never feel like you’re alone in your suffering if you’re having a tough day. We all have them – some of us – more than others perhaps – but we all have days that make us want to go back to bed and hide.

I’m having one of ‘those’ days today – where nothing seems to go right, so I’m speaking to you from a low spot – and I could complain – boy could I ever complain – – but I truly believe putting something positive out there is the best first step.

If you’re having one of ‘those’ days right now, don’t give up. Look for the positive in it – and know that the positive thing you have to reach for may be very, very tiny, but if you look you can find something good.

If nothing else comes to mind, look at the simple beauty of a leaf – just make sure it isn’t poison ivy before you touch it. (You don’t want to end up with a new set of problems on top of the ones you already face.)

Just remember, it may seem as if you have tried everything, and you have used up all your options – exhausted all your possibilities – but there’s going to be another way.

  • Take a step back.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Focus on something else for a while.
  • Unleash your creativity, and, if you have to…
  • Fake it until you make it.