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A Pandemic Virus, Politics, and Faith

Like so many other people in the world today, I’ve been following the story of the pandemic virus, known as coronavirus, or COVID-19, for hile. Also, like many others, I feel a level of concern and surprise each day as new developments are released.

Coronavirus pandemic image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

The last few weeks have brought some big changes to affected communities, including school closings and many large public gatherings and events being canceled. Interestingly, and sadly, people are politicizing it.

Why It’s Ridiculous to Politicize a Virus

This is the most surprising detail for me – when people turn the coronavirus disease and attempts at protecting human lives from it into a political issue. Trying to protect people from the spread of a disease that can and has caused death isn’t political, or at least it shouldn’t be political.

Trying to protect people from a deadly virus is simply part of being a decent and humane person.

Any government official who tries to protect constituents, whether you agree with their political party or not, should be valued for the humanity and courage it takes to save lives in the face of negative public opinion.

When a Politician Puts Humanity Over Politics

This comes to mind after watching people insult and criticize Ohio’s Governor for closing schools, public gatherings, and more restaurants and bars.

People are referring to the Ohio Governor’s actions as stupid and ridiculous, and I can’t make a on that, but the man is trying to save lives. He isn’t being extreme, he’s being a compassionate human being.

“Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases.”

– Hippocrates

Going back a few weeks, when early news of the coronavirus broke in the US, I watched the video footage as the President mocked those who were concerned and as he passed the disease off as insignificant by saying it wasn’t that bad and, “You probably won’t die.”

You Don’t Always Have to Agree With Someone’s Politics to Find Good in Them

The reality, however, is that people are dying – unnecessarily. Plus, help is slower to arrive than it needed to be due to poor decisions on the part of that same government official, the President.

I later watched as this… “leader”… declared the United States as being in a state of emergency – but only after allowing the virus to spread unchecked for a few weeks because it wasn’t “that bad”. Apparently, now it is THAT bad…

Too Little – Too Late for Early Coronavirus Victims, but Giving Credit Where it’s Due

Truly, the national state of emergency declaration came a little too late for those who have already contracted and spread coronavirus – and far too late for those who have already died from it; but, the courage it must have taken the President to backtrack on his earlier claims that coronavirus wasn’t a big deal is commendable.

Compassion image by James Chan from Pixabay

As we progress through the phases of this pandemic virus spreading across the country and the world, my prayer is that we can cast politics aside, because it’s absurd to politicize a human disaster that’s needlessly claiming lives; and, I wish peace, compassion, and healing for each and every one of you. May your health sustain you, and may your spirit be touched by faith to help carry you through.