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11 Vital Benefits of CBD Oil That You Need to Know

CBD oil has become one of today’s most popular trends in herbal medicine and taking it has been promoted as a way to relieve the complications caused by all kinds of illnesses and mental issues. So, what’s the truth about CBD oil?

Benefits of CBD Oil image courtesy of Pixabay

Will CBD oil help relieve your back pain and will it make it easier for you to focus? Will it cure your acne and relieve your anxiety? Let’s sort through a few details about this help-based oil that’s pressed from the cannabis sativa plant.

The Only FDA-Approved Use for CBD as of September 2019

It’s important to note that as of today, there is only one FDA-approved use for CBD oil, so any other use is performed either in research studies or by individuals who experiment with this herbal remedy on a private basis. The FDA-approved drug that’s made from CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, is prescribed and sold under the name Epidiolex. This CBD-based drug is approved by the FDA as a remedy for two types of epilepsy. CBD is also currently being researched to determine if it’s suitable for patients experiencing complications of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety.  

11 Benefits of CBD Oil

I’ve researched and read a lot about CBD and its cure-all properties. Some of the benefits are a touch sketchy, and others are widely agreed-upon by users of this natural product. Some of the proclaimed benefits of CBD oil, according to people who use CBD oil, include:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Cancer symptom relief
  3. Clears up acne
  4. Eases depression
  5. Relieves anxiety
  6. Treats neurological disorders (This is where the FDA-approved epilepsy drug fits in this puzzle.)
  7. Improves heart health (being studied)
  8.  Supports circulatory system (being studied)
  9.  Increases creativity
  10. Helps with better focus
  11. Better sleep

The Buzz Factor and CBD Oil

CBD oil is used as an ingredient in many products today, ranging from consumables to shampoos, and it’s still in the early stages of exploration due to its connection with marijuana. This emotion-based connection is in place even though the facts show that CBD oil is pressed from a different strain of the cannabis plant than pot comes from and has no naturally occurring THC in it, which is the compound that gets pot users high.

While some brands of CBD oil edibles may leave users feeling a bit spacey, the reasons for using CBD oil and CBD-based products typically aren’t connected with the desire to get a buzz. People typically turn to CBD oil to support natural healing and to ease the complications of medical issues, many of which are associated with aging, and which are affecting today’s baby boomer generation. 

People who use CBD oil seem to be finding more and more positive reasons to jump on the CBD bandwagon every day. Browse around the articles, such as this one on CBD dabs, on the Supplements for Health and Well-Being page here on Intrinsic Vicissitude to learn more about this natural ‘cure-all’ and feel free to ask questions or start a conversation in the comments under any of the articles here on the site. You’re also welcome to hang around as long as you like and share about your experiences with this amazing hemp-based product.


What Are CBD Dabs, and How To Use Them?

Image Credit: Pixabay

CBD is becoming an extremely popular product across the country, and many people are becoming intrigued by it. CBD is known for its several health benefits, and it is gaining steam in the medical world. The properties and effects of CBD have led to CBD being used in treatment for a wide range of problems and illnesses. While many people know of the standard methods of using CBD like tinctures and vaping, there are still some methods that many people are unaware of. One of the more interesting methods of using CBD is CBD dabs. So what exactly are dabs, and how are they used? Here’s everything you need to know about CBD dabs.

Defining CBD Dabs

A CBD dab can be defined as a concentrate of pure CBD. As a result, CBD dabs can be extremely potent for users. Other CBD products usually contain other ingredients or substances, diluting their effects. However, CBD dabs are usually made of extremely pure concentrate, having no other ingredients or substances involved. The type of the CBD dab and how it’s made has a major effect on what on the dab’s effect. Each type of CBD dab can vary in texture, taste, and effects. As a result, CBD dabs are known for both their potency and immediate effect, as well as their wide variance. 

How to Use CBD Dabs

Unlike other methods of taking CBD, using CBD dabs takes a little bit of a process. First, you’re going to need some type of piece that can hold your dabs. Next, you’ll need to use a pipe torch to heat your piece until it’s glowing from the heat. You’ll then need to take your dabs and place them in the heated area, inhaling the vapor from the pipe simultaneously. The concentrate should begin to vaporize as soon as it’s placed in the heated area. The process is fast and has many moving parts, and if you’re not careful it could be easy to waste some dabs.  It might seem like a complicated process at first, but after some experience, the process will become much easier and simpler. 

Effect of CBD Dabs

As mentioned before, CBD dabs can be a great way to obtain the benefits of CBD. Since dabs are pure CBD concentrate and aren’t diluted by other ingredients, they can be extremely potent. CBD dabs are easily vaporized, a method that provides near-instant release into your bloodstream. As a result, using CBD dabs usually provides both instant and potent release, a great combination of efficiency. Within a few seconds of inhaling, you should feel the effects of CBD. CBD dabs contain no THC at all, so they won’t get you high. However, CBD does have a myriad of health benefits. CBD can be used to fight anxiety and depression, and also has some great anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for both physical and mental ailments. If you’re someone who’s looking to use CBD to better their health, then using CBD dabs could be a great way to reap the benefits CBD offers.