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11 Vital Benefits of CBD Oil That You Need to Know

CBD oil has become one of today’s most popular trends in herbal medicine and taking it has been promoted as a way to relieve the complications caused by all kinds of illnesses and mental issues. So, what’s the truth about CBD oil?

Benefits of CBD Oil image courtesy of Pixabay

Will CBD oil help relieve your back pain and will it make it easier for you to focus? Will it cure your acne and relieve your anxiety? Let’s sort through a few details about this help-based oil that’s pressed from the cannabis sativa plant.

The Only FDA-Approved Use for CBD as of September 2019

It’s important to note that as of today, there is only one FDA-approved use for CBD oil, so any other use is performed either in research studies or by individuals who experiment with this herbal remedy on a private basis. The FDA-approved drug that’s made from CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, is prescribed and sold under the name Epidiolex. This CBD-based drug is approved by the FDA as a remedy for two types of epilepsy. CBD is also currently being researched to determine if it’s suitable for patients experiencing complications of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety.  

11 Benefits of CBD Oil

I’ve researched and read a lot about CBD and its cure-all properties. Some of the benefits are a touch sketchy, and others are widely agreed-upon by users of this natural product. Some of the proclaimed benefits of CBD oil, according to people who use CBD oil, include:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Cancer symptom relief
  3. Clears up acne
  4. Eases depression
  5. Relieves anxiety
  6. Treats neurological disorders (This is where the FDA-approved epilepsy drug fits in this puzzle.)
  7. Improves heart health (being studied)
  8.  Supports circulatory system (being studied)
  9.  Increases creativity
  10. Helps with better focus
  11. Better sleep

The Buzz Factor and CBD Oil

CBD oil is used as an ingredient in many products today, ranging from consumables to shampoos, and it’s still in the early stages of exploration due to its connection with marijuana. This emotion-based connection is in place even though the facts show that CBD oil is pressed from a different strain of the cannabis plant than pot comes from and has no naturally occurring THC in it, which is the compound that gets pot users high.

While some brands of CBD oil edibles may leave users feeling a bit spacey, the reasons for using CBD oil and CBD-based products typically aren’t connected with the desire to get a buzz. People typically turn to CBD oil to support natural healing and to ease the complications of medical issues, many of which are associated with aging, and which are affecting today’s baby boomer generation. 

People who use CBD oil seem to be finding more and more positive reasons to jump on the CBD bandwagon every day. Browse around the articles, such as this one on CBD dabs, on the Supplements for Health and Well-Being page here on Intrinsic Vicissitude to learn more about this natural ‘cure-all’ and feel free to ask questions or start a conversation in the comments under any of the articles here on the site. You’re also welcome to hang around as long as you like and share about your experiences with this amazing hemp-based product.


Natural Supplements That Relieve Depression Symptoms

Do natural supplements that are said to relieve depression symptoms work? That’s the focus of this article, read on to learn the findings of my research, but be sure to talk to your doctor before trying any of the supplements mentioned here – to see if they may help with your depression.

Image of depression courtesy of Pixabay

As an adult, depression has been one of the most disabling things I’ve experienced, and I can say with a great deal of certainty that almost every problem I’ve had – and those problems that I still have – are linked to depression. I’ve been blessed in that my chronic depression hasn’t been severe enough that I’ve needed to seek medical help, though I often wonder if I couldn’t have saved some time in life and been in a better place faster if I had talked to my doctor about my chronic depression.

Natural Supplements With Reputations for Relieving Depression

A number of natural supplements have gained status for the way users claim they relieve depression, and given the severe side-effects of some prescription medications, it’s worth looking into the depression relief options provided by natural supplements such as CBD oil, fish oil, SAMe, and folic acid.

CBD Oil for Depression

I hesitated, at first, to write about CBD oil due to its perceived-but-incorrect association with marijuana. It comes from the cannabis plant – but – it’s a different strain of cannabis than the kind that gets you high and ‘loopy’ -that’s a totally different kind of depression relief. The strain of cannabis plant used to produce CBD oil has had the THC ‘bred’ out of it over the years and while it does provide a kind of relaxed bliss, it isn’t going to give you the munchies or make you laugh like a buffoon even if something awful happens the way the other kind of cannabis does.

Fish Oil for Depression

I’ve been using fish oil for a few weeks now, though I didn’t start it for depression. I was having so much trouble with my focus and attention deficit problems that I was desperate, but I don’t like to take prescription medicines if there’s any other way. And, I have noticed some relief of my attention problems, along with the surprise benefit of noticing some relief from my depression. (That’s saying something for me, that I got through the holidays with no bout of depression.) Another plus for fish oil, it can help support heart health, according to the label on the bottle.

SAMe for Depression

SAMe, S-adenosy-L-methionine, is a molecule that occurs naturally in the human body, and it’s been found to help depressed adults who don’t respond well to prescription depression medications. It has also been found effective in relieving osteoarthritis symptoms in patients participating in some studies. It has been noted, however, that bipolar patients experience more manic behavior when taking SAMe, so it’s advised that bipolar people avoid this natural supplement.

Folic Acid for Depression

Low levels of folic acid, also known as folate and as vitamin B-9, have been linked in studies to a number of common ailments, including depression. This vitamin is found in the dark, leafy greens that are often left out of the typical American diet, and it’s easily replaced with supplements or dietary changes. Physical issues its lack-of is associated with include depression, birth defects, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. If you check the labels of multivitmins,you may find it’s already in your daily multivitamin supplement.

Thanks for visiting Intrinsic Vicissitude and reading this post about natural supplements for depression. Questions and comments are welcome, and again, be sure to chat with your doctor before adding new supplements to your diet. Every body responds differently to new medications, so your physician’s care is always your safest starting point in relieving depression or any other ailment.