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Break the Cycle of Codependency!
You can’t build a healthy, happy relationship if you’re trapped in a broken one, so one life-changing book I especially want to share on this page is: Why Women Pick Losers and Jerks.

(A complementary – short, fictional version for nice guys who pick bad girls is shown at the bottom of this page.)


Any Relationship Can Use a Tune-Up

Trolls, Dream Stealers & Frienemies: How to ID and Deal With Toxic People

How to Protect Yourself Emotionally From Toxic People

Even the Littlest Things You Do Can Become a Major Turning Point for Somebody

The Role of Eye Contact in Effective Communication

Why Me? Healing From Emotional and Physical Abuse

The Legacy You Leave to Your Loved Ones

4 Effective Communication Quotes

Building Self-Confidence Helps Build Healthy Relationships

Improving Communication Skills

How to Create Life-Changing Affirmations

How to Stop Feeling Lonely: Learning to Date Yourself

3 Easy Tips for Effective Communication

Accepting Emotional Abuse Blocks Your Ability to Build a Happy Life

Why You Should Leave an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

What Is the Real Risk of Tolerating Emotional Manipulation?

Picking the Losers or a Jerk Increases Your Risk of Depression

An Unhappy Relationship Is Like a Thick Fog


Why Nice Guys Pick Bad GirlsInformation and links to books about personal relationships will be placed on this page.

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