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Four Ways AR and VR Will Shape Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are rapidly shaping digital marketing, and there is more integration on the horizon. Customers are eager for new, ground-breaking ideas. To stay on trend and keep customers engaged, companies must begin to incorporate both AR and VR into their business plans. Below are four ways that AR and VR will shape digital marketing in the very near future.

Digital Marketing
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1) Advertisements via Virtual Reality

Google has already jumped on board the VR train, by announcing that they have already placed ads in virtual reality worlds. Users can merely gaze or stare at the ads to start playing them. Movie studios are also experimenting with this. Lionsgate also recently crafted a virtual world for their horror movie, Jigsaw.

While VR advertisements aren’t widespread at the moment, it doesn’t mean they aren’t working. In fact, they should increase in popularity over the next several years. Analysts are predicting that VR advertising will continue to surge, hitting $38 billion in annual revenue by 2026.

2) Simulated Customer Interaction

Businesses are also looking at marketing via simulated customer interaction. Clothing stores, such as Gap, have created dressing room apps. These apps allow customers to try on clothes without stepping into the store. Users simply input their measurements and are able to see how items will look on their bodies.

Similarly, home improvement stores, like Lowe’s, are allowing their customers to remodel their rooms without committing to any changes. Lowe’s also offers DIY classes in virtual reality. Users wear a VR headset and get to work on a project, without making costly mistakes or messes.

3) Innovative Brand Experiences

Some brands are offering their customers out-of-this-world experiences. The lack of chocolate canyons and milk rivers on Earth didn’t stop Oreo from making them a virtual reality. To promote their cupcake-filled flavor, Oreo created a VR film that scored over three million views and created plenty of buzz.

Coca-Cola also had similar results with an AR campaign earlier this year that had over six million views. The success and popularity of AR campaigns will increase the likelihood of more and more companies using these strategies.

4) Digital Packaging

Many companies have begun to use AR as digital packaging. In the past, Starbucks app users have been able to take a picture of their cup and see it come to life on their phone screen. Aside from being innovative, digital packaging allows companies to provide their customers with additional information. For instance, customers can scan the packaging and download more information about the product.


AR and VR are becoming very popular in the digital marketing world. By using these new ideas, companies are creating increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and customer experience. To stay popular, businesses should begin looking into content marketing services to strategize ways to use AR and VR in the future. With out-of-this-world brand experiences, simulated customer interaction, and more, AR and VR services will be in high demand.