Review of Trust and Will

What if I told you there’s an easy, inexpensive way you can protect your assets and make sure the people you love are protected in the event of your death and it’s software from a company called Trust and Will?

Trust and Will Review
Trust and Will Review image courtesy of Geralt and Pixabay

If you already have a will or trust set up to protect the interests of your loved ones, kudos! If you don’t – why don’t you? There are a lot of obvious reasons why someone wouldn’t… cost of an attorney… too busy… too confusing… and one and on.

An Easy Solution to Writing a Will or Trust

I recently was offered the chance to try out Trust and Will for free in exchange for an Instagram post, which I did. Writing about it here on my blog wasn’t part of the deal, but I was so impressed with the experience, plus I thought what a positive thing it is to do for your loved ones – so I decided to briefly share about it here on Intrinsic Vicissitude.

Life Situations Change

I had a will made years ago by an attorney, but my life situation has since changed drastically. I had been putting off getting a new will due to the high attorney fees.

While I gained access to the software in exchange for a review, it would have still cost only a fraction of what I would have had to pay an attorney if I had gone that route.

By the way, if you want to try the Trust and Will software, try adding the promo code ADULTING in the promo code box – it should give you a $10 discount, at least for a while.

How Long it Takes to Write a WIll Using Trust and WIll Software

It took me exactly 21 minutes to go through the process of writing a will using Trust and Will, and that was from the time I turned the computer on until I reached the final page and reviewed everything.

It really was incredibly easy, and if you need a will, using Trust and WIll was, in my opinion, an extremely easy and effective way to write a will. I didn’t try writing a trust, but my guess is that it’s really close. If you try and do the trust instead of the will, consider popping back on here and letting everyone know what you think.

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Why You Should Pursue Your Dreams Now

Have you ever waited for the right time to say something, only to see the opportunity to speak up slip past? Or, have you thought of a great concept for a business but decided to wait for the right time to DO it – only to see someone else start a business and start living YOUR dream?

Clouds Passing image copyright @IntrinsicVicissitude

It’s really common to wait for the ‘right’ time to do something and later realize you missed your chance. It’s normal to want everything to be perfect when you go for a dream, the thing is, perfect is rarely part of the human experience, and when you wait for perfect, you miss your chance.

Another Opportunity Is Coming

If you missed a chance to ‘go for it’ on previous idea or even a relationship, know that other opportunities are coming your way. You just have to be ready to see them, and ready to act when the time arrives.

It’ll Take Too Long… Not an Excuse!

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard saying things about not going back to college because they’re tool old and it’ll take too long. The thing is, time is going to pass all the same. Same goes for starting a business. Making it a success is going to take a lot of time.

However, that time is going to pass all the same. Would you rather get to the end and look back with pride, or look back and wish you had tried. You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

What if you try and you don’t succeed? You can try again or start something new. Each failure is a lesson you can use a foundation to build success, it’s not an end unless you CHOOSE for it to be an end.

When the Idea Is Great but the Time Isn’t Perfect

Instead of focusing on what isn’t perfect, for example if you have a business idea and don’t have the money to start it in a big way… look for other ways.

Would it be great to open a big manufacturing facility to produce your ‘widgets’? Sure! Is it necessary to start big? Nope!

Hewlitt-Packard started in a garage. McDonald’s started with one small restaurant. The point isn’t always perfection or starting in the way you want to start. It’s starting or not starting. Period.

Start From Where You Are

The best advice you can get is to start from where you are. This is especially true for business ideas, but you can apply it to anything.

For example, if you have a great idea for fashion designs. Make a pattern and make one and put it for sale in an online auction or a social media group.

The pattern can be adapted until it’s just right. You can use the money from the one you sell to buy materials to make two. Sell those two and reinvest that money.

It isn’t a fast way to start, but it’s a better than what you’re going to feel if you see someone else making tons of money after THEY develop the idea you had.

How to Create Positivity in Your Life

If you’re feeling a little blah, this is a great time for you to create positivity for yourself. There are a lot of easy ways to make yourself feel more positive, and this short list just touches on a few to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Positivity image courtesy of Pixabay

Tips for Creating Positivity in Your Life

When you start to feel less than positive, it’s a good time to look for ways to help someone else. This takes you out of your own problems and low mood and engages your attention on someone else.

Bring Positivity to Others

Helping someone else is such an easy way to bring positivity – you bring it to someone else, and that in turn brings positivity back to you. It doesn’t have to be big, expensive or even especially time-consuming. There’s so much need everywhere, a quick look around makes it easy to find someone who needs a hand.

Exercise for Positivity

You can increase your fitness level and you can increase positivity at the same time. Make sure your doctor says it’s okay for you to start a new workout routine, and then start out at an intensity that accommodates your current fitness level.

Read Self-Help Books

Reading encouraging words and working on the issues you have in life are an interesting way to get positivity. Choose a self-help book that’s based on research, prepared by a physician or psychologist, or one that’s written by someone who’s ‘been there’.

Eat Something

A lot of people get cranky when they get hungry. If you’re like that, some food may help your low mood. It’s up to you whether you want some hearty comfort food or light, natural and healthy food.

Thanks for visiting Intrinsic Vicissitude, and if you have any positivity tips you would like to add to help others here, feel free to leave them in the comments, or visit our FaceBook page.

Bad Vibes: What Else Is There to Say?

I watched a video this morning that explained how people vibrate at different levels and when you interact with someone who vibrates differently than you do it creates ‘bad vibes’. Boy, oh boy, have I ever been feeling that lately.

Bad Vibes Can Drain Your Energy

The longer explanation was about how human beings – and everything – is made up of atoms and how we’re protein-based and all atoms and protein give off vibrations – and that each cell in your body is basically a miniature battery.

So, when we encounter someone whose vibration conflicts with our own vibration, it creates this kind of cross-wave that’s basically a bad vibe that drains your energy – just like energy drains from a battery.

The video also explained how some things block vibrations, and while it didn’t quite say how to block bad vibes that drain your energy, I would like to offer a few of my own ideas on the topic.

Affirmations and Symbols of Faith to Ward Off Bad Vibes

I suggest keeping a note book with a few simple affirmations written in it. Write simple, positive messages that remind you to breathe and that support your own sense of positive energy.

Quotations that inspire you are also great to use for affirmations.

You can also choose a symbol of your faith to display where you’re spending time, or a healing gemstone ring that makes you feel positive.

Get Away From Toxic Messages By Turning Off Social Media for a While

We’ve all been there… tying to communicate with someone who drains your energy.

Sometimes you can’t easily get away, but if it’s coming through your social media accounts, all you really have to do is log out for a while.

Get your energy back up by doing something away from the toxicity for a while – and it’s a recurring theme – maybe you need to consider cutting some ties with the toxic people who are draining the life out of you – but that’s your call.

Whatever you do, though, do it safely and with kindness, because you don’t want to become the toxicity – if you’re feeling white-hot anger and wishing some jerk would just kick the bucket – calm down before acting – it’s better for YOU that way.

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3 Powerful Healing Gemstones for Your Home

Gemstones have long been associated with protection and healing. Some of the strongest of those are also commonly available.

Gemstones can help align and stimulate or calm energies in rooms and in bodies, protect from psychic attacks, either by themselves or in combination with other healing gemstones.


Amethyst balances and helps align energies, as well as raising lower energies to higher ones, helps protect against psychic attack, and aids in meditation. It provides a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is known to enhance mental function. It is best cleansed under cool or cold running water, even if it comes from a tap. (Make sure the points are facing down.)


Moonstone is a stone of feminine energy, helping women especially to regain and maintain their energy and power balances. Combined with the above stone, it helps with emotional wisdom. It brings serenity and helps release negative energies. The clearer and more colorful the stone is, the more healing energy it has. Cleanse it in moonlight, either on the night of the new or the full moon for a fresh or more potent energy, depending on the phase.


Garnet has been considered a ward against evil since ancient times, and supports energy flow throughout the body. It helps remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy. It also helps calm chaotic situations. It assists with love relationships, either helping deepen existing ones or helping to find new ones. To cleanse the stone, submerge in sea salt water or dry sea salt overnight, or place under cool or cold running water, even from a tap, points down.

Healing gemstones make beautiful, useful decorations for your home, calming the environment. Caring for them is easy, and the benefits are many.

Why You Should Forge Your Own Trail

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Forge Your Own Trail image courtesy of Pixabay

At a glance, it may seem as if the logical thing to do is just follow the trail that others have carved, and sure, there may be times when you should do that. However, think what you may be missing by following someone else’s path.

The One Who Goes First Sets the Standard

The person who goes first, sets the pace and creates the original benchmark, or set of goals, for the people who follow. For example, Henry Ford created the a manufacturing process that companies worldwide are still trying to replicate.

The One Who Goes First Enjoys the Adventure

Being the first one to do something is exciting, and fun, and an adventure. Following may have the advantage of using an easier path, but the leader gets the bragging rights, the excitement of being first, and gets to enjoy the most success.

The One Who Goes First Gets to Help Others

Helping others makes us feel good – it’s just part of being human that we (for the most part) enjoy the way it feels (emotionally) when we reach out to help someone else succeed.

Forging your own path is pretty likely to give you more of a feeling of accomplishment than you’re ever going to get by following someone else’s trail. And here’s the real difference between making your own trail and following someone else’s…

Should you have others you look up to and ask for advice? Absolutely! Should you follow the advice blindly without considering how it meshes with your goals and existing know-how? Probably not!

Tips for Resolving a Breach of Contract

A breach of contract may be defined as a broken promise. Something that stems from an individual’s failure to fulfill any term of a contract without a lawful excuse. Maybe you hired a developer to build your company’s website and they stop midway through the job without giving you the password, or perhaps a handyman never finished the job or performed shoddy work. Another common breach of contract involves employees who quit to go to work for the competition, one of the reasons Nike sued some of its designers who decided to abandon the company for rival Adidas, as Oregon Live reports.

Breach of Contract image courtesy of Pixabay

These tips can help you resolve a breach of contract without having to sue, no matter what the reason, whether you live in Hamilton, Ontario, Los Angeles, California or anywhere else. Oftentimes, simply sending a demand letter will do the trick as few people want to face a lawsuit, especially when it’s obvious they’re in the wrong.

Try to Work It Out

Before sending any type of formal notice, or threatening a lawsuit, make an attempt to work it out more informally. That can save you time, money and potentially even the working relationship. Never threaten to sue just to get out of a deal that isn’t as lucrative as you thought it would be as it’s likely to backfire, particularly if you’re bluffing, which can lead to a long, drawn-out court battle.

Send a Notice of Breach

If you’re unable to work it out with the other party, the next step is to send a “Notice of Breach,” which creates a record of the date the party that breached the contract is officially told – that can be important if a dispute ends up in court. The notice must indicate which part of the contract was breached. For example, did the other party fail to perform, such as not delivering goods or services, or not paying you for what you provided? Or, maybe they made it impossible for you to perform your obligations? No matter the reason the breach occurred, it’s important to identify all contract clauses affected and list them out. If there is more than one, they should all be listed with the strongest claim first.

Don’t be melodramatic, instead, stick to the facts using a professional tone. If it goes to court, it won’t look good in the eyes of the jury or judge if you have a bullying tone.

In many cases, sending a Notice of Breach will allow both parties to come to a satisfactory solution on their own.

Arbitration or Litigation?

If the breach of contract can’t be resolved without intervention, the next option is either arbitration or litigation. Arbitration involves submitting the dispute to a neutral third party to help resolve it and is much more cost effective than litigation. It’s also much quicker and less cumbersome than having to go to trial. An agreed-upon arbiter is selected to hear the dispute and issues a decision that’s binding.

Native Deodorant: Product Review

I received a free sample of Native deodorant from a company called PinchMe. I reviewed the sample on the PinchMe site, as requested, but I wanted to share about it here, too.

Native Deodorant
Free sample of Native Deodorant

My Free Sample of Native Deodorant

As I mentioned above, I got this free sample of Native deodorant in exchange for a review on another website, but I want to share about it here, too.

It’s an interesting personal care product, in my opinion, because it’s designed to give you a clean, fresh feeling without any of the harsh chemicals you find in some other deodorant brands.

Native deodorant info card
Native deodorant info card

My Experience With Native Deodorant

The first thing I noticed about Native deodorant is its light, floral scent. Looking at the Native deodorant website, I see it also comes in unscented, but I personally prefer the light scent the free sample had instead of an unscented product.

Feels thick: The second thing I noticed is how it goes on. It has a slightly different feeling than the deodorant I normally use, and it feels like it maybe goes on thicker. It wasn’t unpleasant or anything, just a bit different.

Need to reapply sooner: I also found I had to wash up and reapply it sooner than I do my regular brand of deodorant. The company’s website comments mention how long it lasts, but that wasn’t my experience.

It seemed to be effective on me for just about six hours before ‘armpit-onion-skunk’ smell started – compared to the 24-hour protection my existing brand provides – so I would say – don’t expect all-day protection from it – based on my experience.

Extra Native deodorant info card
Extra Native deodorant info card

Why I Liked Native Deodorant

I know I mentioned the differences between the deodorant I normally use and Native deodorant, and having a different texture and needing to apply more often could be perceived as negative, but here’s why I think Native deodorant is a great product:

  • It’s healthier for your body because it doesn’t contain sulfates, aluminum, or parabens
  • Cruelty free with no animal testing, ever
  • All-natural ingredient list you don’t need an encyclopedia to decipher

Thanks for visiting Intrinsic Vicissitude. I hope you enjoyed this review of Native deodorant, and your comments and questions are welcome below or on our Facebook page.

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