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Finding Peace Through Gardening

When things get crazy, like now with the coronavirus crisis going on, gardening is a great for finding peace if you enjoy outdoor activities.

Gardening Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Gardening to Get Fresh Air

I’m planning to make this post kind of short because I’m anxious to get outside and work in my own little flowerbed, but I wanted to share how much more positive I feel (and hopefully you might too) when I get away from my electronic devices for a while and enjoy some light gardening.

I don’t have much space for a traditional garden, so I only take on a few potted plants and flowerbed plants each summer, and it’s satisfying because it makes the yard look nicer (Hello, curb appeal!) and it provides fresh air and exercise that lift my spirits.

Working in the Garden Can Help You Sleep Better

I’m not the only one who has noticed these positive benefits, either, According to Health, gardening also helps you destress and can even help you sleep better – and that’s on top of the benefits I’ve already mentioned.

Earthing: Also Known as Grounding

According to numerous experts, including some who prepared a report on earthing for the NCBI website, contact with the earth can help with a variety of ailments, including chronic inflammation, wounds that heal slowly, and autoimmune disorders.

In earthing, a part of the body touches the earth, forming a connection, so the earth’s natural electrical field is transferred into and throughout the body.

It’s not for me to say whether this is true or not, since I’m not a medical doctor, but I will say that I always seem to feel better after working in the soil to plant things or pull weeds from the ground

Thanks for visiting Intrinsic Vicissitude. Have you tried gardening as a way to lift your spirits and feel at peace with the world? Your comments and thoughts are welcome in the comment section below or on our Facebook group page.

Renovate Your Home with These Spring Ideas

Home Renovations for Spring image by Laura Shaw from Pixabay

When winter is over, you’re probably looking forward to the outdoors. Take this time to remodel your space and make it more comfortable and relaxing for the warmer months. Spring is certainly the best season to invest in home renovations. Although there’s no perfect way to renovate a home, we’ll share some fun ideas and ways to save you money with the home depot coupon generator

Finish Your Basement

A finished basement has endless potential. From a bedroom, a studio apartment or the coveted “man cave,” finishing your basement not only adds value to your home but also a lot of functional square footage for the whole family. Sure, an unfinished basement can store boxes, but who likes to dig around in a dank, dark basement to find what you need? Instead, consider adding charming built-ins to your basement living space. A finished basement can provide the perfect canvas for a family game room. The finished basement allows the whole family to play pool, watch a football game or finish a game of Monopoly. 

Hardwood Floors

Carpet accumulates dust, dirt, dander, and there is no way around that no matter how many times you give it a deep clean. It also stains, wears, and tears much more often. While it is true that no one can really answer how much do hardwood floors increase home value, it certainly increases the time not spent scrubbing stains. Sure, hardwood floors need to be refinished every so often but only every ten years. But that is preserving the floor beneath while carpeting you’d have to tear out and put in fresh for any stain or damage to it. It’s better to pay for something every ten years to keep the floor healthy than have to get a new floor every time a piece is damaged. Hardwood floors can last for over a century when properly cared for and they don’t need much care. 

Upgrade Windows and Doors

Replacement windows and doors can help save you money by slashing your energy bills. New windows create a tight seal with your home so that no air can leak out. Air leaks are the primary cause of wasted energy. When you eliminate leaks by replacing inefficient windows, you’ll spend less heating and cooling your home while enjoying a comfortable interior – no more drafts!  Replacing old windows also boosts your home’s value.  


You don’t want to try to paint outside in the middle of winter. Some days can be considered too hot for painting, since extreme heat can cause problems with how the paint dries as well. 

Spring weather is warmer, milder and has plenty of sunny breaks, which is perfect for exterior painting jobs. Not only is it more comfortable for the painters, but the temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees are ideal to achieve a quality finish. If the weather is too hot or too cold during this project, it could compromise the longevity of your exterior paint.

CBD Oil for Weight Loss?

I’ve been wondering, as a stress eater, if people could effectively take CBD oil for weight loss purposes, and it turns out, it could be a valid approach to weight loss.

CBD oil for weight loss image courtesy of Pixabay

CBD Diet Study

The National Center for Biotechnology Information, or NCBI, published the results of a recent study in December 2018 that shares some interesting points about why cannabis users enjoy reduced body mass indexes (BMIs)

It might seem a little counter intuitive on one aspect – the cannabis munchies aren’t associated with weight loss.

However, for stress eaters, which is a lot of people, the chilled-out effect you get from taking CBD oil supplements could feasibly end your drive for excessive consumption of rich, tasty goodies.

Back to the study… one of the key things the study was looking into was why cannabis users tend to have lower BMIs than the average American – especially given the “munchies effect” – and the study did find a “well-supported physiological, causative explanation” for the effect. According to the study results:

“Cannabis use appears to reverse the impact of the modern American diet on health by reducing the effects of an elevated ratio of omega-6/omega-3 fatty acids on endocannabinoid (eCB) tone.”

The Science Behind Cannabis Users Being Thinner

So – it ISN’T because of the way it makes people taking CBD products feel relaxed and chilled out… There’s an actual scientific reason, which is pretty cool!

“The present study summarizes the data on Cannabis use, caloric intake, and BMI, establishing conclusively that Cannabis use is associated with reduced BMI and obesity rates, despite increased caloric intake. It then provides a theoretical, causative explanation for this paradox. This theory encompasses the causative role in obesity of dietary disruption of the eCB system by an elevated omega-6/omega-3 fatty acid ratio.” 

BMIs of Cannabis Users Versus Non-Cannabis Users

The proof is in the numbers, so I wanted to be sure to include the specifics for you to consider. According to the study, there’s a fair gap in the BMIs of cannabis users versus non-users.

  • Average BMI of Non-Users of Cannabis: 27.5 kg/m2
  • Average BMI of Cannabis Users: 25.5 kg/m2

While these study results come from only a single study, the results hold promise for patients who suffer from the risks of obesity and who have struggled to lose weight. 

I would like to note that the study used patients taking cannabis products that contain THC, which is typically not present in CBD oil products, or is present in only minute quantities. If this is the case, the main way CBD oil for weight loss would work would, in fact, be through reduction of the stress that spurs stress eating. 

Is Going for Multivitamin Supplements The Right Choice For You?

Is Going for Multivitamin Supplements The Right Choice For You?

Is Going for Multivitamin Supplements The Right Choice For You?
By Harshad Jethra

A Scientific Way towards a Healthier Diet

Going for a healthier diet can be extremely effective for letting us get over a vast majority of illnesses that we come across in everyday life. That could make a difference in our everyday being, and augur very well for our families as well.

But making sure you get a proper diet could be tough. A very scientific administration of a good every day diet is making sure that one consumes varied foods from each of the distinct food groups. And that would make sure that if we are missing out on a particular nutrient from any particular food, we could make up for it from a different food that we have selected from a different food group.

So consuming a variety of foods is important because no single food can supply us with all the nutrients that are required to stay healthy. Just as an example, from oranges we get vitamin C, but they do not provide us with Vitamin B12. And contrary to this, while we get Vitamin B12 from cheese, it does not provide us with Vitamin C. Ideally one must try and make sure that one gets a certain number of servings from each of the five major food groups, which are fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods and dairy.

Now Is It A Good Idea To Go For A Multivitamin Supplement?

There are some very specific viewpoints which express why a multivitamin supplement can work very well for your health and well being.

Let’s quickly run through two reasons why a multivitamin supplement works.

Two Reasons Why a Multivitamin Supplement Works

Reason 1

The conventional belief has been that a proper and healthy diet suffices for nutrition in a person. And when one consumes a proper diet, there is no need to go for dietary supplements.

But as per medical researches, most of the diets are lagging in one or the other supplements, and correspondingly may fail to provide comprehensive everyday nutrition for our bodies. This factor becomes more important still, when we take seniors or younger children into consideration.

A multivitamin and mineral supplement can make up for the dietary deficiencies, and ensure an enhanced everyday health and well being for your family and yourself!

Just as an example, one of the reasons why one must go for a multivitamin supplement is because many of our diets are lacking in Vitamin C or Vitamin D.

In general, an average adult would require around 600 iu’s of vitamin D in his daily diet. Along with that, one must also consume 200-300 mg of Vitamin C a day. And if one is fighting cold and flu like symptoms, one must have up to 1-3 gms of Vitamin C.

So going for a multivitamin supplement would make up for the deficiency of vitamin C and D in one’s diets, and ensure a much improved overall health and well being.

Reason 2

Some people tend to fall ill, and frequently so. And at times, the reason could be petty infections like cold, cough or flu. Our bodies are vulnerable towards falling sick, and the underlying reason for the illness could be the external environment, our diets, stress, or maybe even an external factor like pollution.

But the best way to counter illness is not to heal the body once one falls sick, but to prevent the occurrence of disease. Or, having a stronger immunity would ensure that we fall sick less often.

In such a scenario, going for a food supplement, maybe something like a multivitamin with minerals can go a long way towards ensuring an improved everyday health and well being for your family and yourself.

A multivitamin supplement would boost one’s immunity, and that would ensure that one falls sick less often. And if at one does fall sick, with a multivitamin supplement, one can ensure a quicker recovery.

Multivitamin Supplements Work towards Prevention of Diseases

A multivitamin and mineral supplement works in multiple ways to ensure prevention of disease, and a quicker recovery, if at all one falls sick.

Let’s take the help of a simple mechanism to understand how multivitamin supplements work towards prevention of diseases.

1. A multivitamin enhances one’s immunity, to ensure that one falls sick less often.

2. If at all one does fall sick, a multivitamin would work towards ensuring that the progress of disease is slowed down. So the ailment causes minimum damage for someone who may be sick.

3. Similarly, a multivitamin would work towards reversing the damage which may have occurred as one fell sick.

4. And that works towards ensuring that if one is unwell, the recovery process too is quicker.

5. With a disease free body, higher fitness levels also come naturally, making a multivitamin and mineral supplement a fine pick as a part of your everyday diet.

Some Scenarios Wherein Going for a Multivitamin Supplement Would Be a Great Choice

While going for a multivitamin supplement would work very effectively for just about every single one of us, there are some scenarios wherein consuming a multivitamin supplement would be effective in particular.

1. As an example, if one’s daily diet has less than 1600 calories, with a multivitamin and mineral supplement, one can ensure a better health and well being. And that’s because in our bodies, a host of vitamins are required to make sure that the metabolic processes work efficiently.

2. Similarly, going for a multivitamin supplement can work wonders if one is suffering from any allergies. A simple MV supplement prevents occurrence of allergies, and also speeds up healing of allergic reactions.

3. And if one is recovering from an injury, going for a multivitamin supplement with minerals is a smart choice. And that’s because a multivitamin supplement accentuates the healing of injuries to a great extent.

4. If your child has a bad diet or irregular eating habits, a multivitamin supplement can work very well for him. In particular, a multivitamin supplement can be very effective if your child has a diet which contains little or no dairy products.

5. A multivitamin can be very useful for one’s health, if one is suffering from a condition of the liver, gall bladder, intestine or pancreas.

Let’s consider some ways in which a multivitamin supplement can work effectively towards ensuring a much improved health and well being for us:-

Multivitamin supplements work by

– Boosting energy levels

– Enhancing immunity

– Fighting against normal infections

– Heightening focus

– Multivitamin supplements provide us with the recommended daily dosage of calcium to make sure that we maintain strong and healthy bones

– They enable proper functioning of the cardiovascular system

However if one is trying to figure out the best multivitamin available, one must try and make sure that one goes for an alternative which provides balanced nutrition over an option that supplies one or two specific nutrients.

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11 Vital Benefits of CBD Oil That You Need to Know

CBD oil has become one of today’s most popular trends in herbal medicine and taking it has been promoted as a way to relieve the complications caused by all kinds of illnesses and mental issues. So, what’s the truth about CBD oil?

Benefits of CBD Oil image courtesy of Pixabay

Will CBD oil help relieve your back pain and will it make it easier for you to focus? Will it cure your acne and relieve your anxiety? Let’s sort through a few details about this help-based oil that’s pressed from the cannabis sativa plant.

The Only FDA-Approved Use for CBD as of September 2019

It’s important to note that as of today, there is only one FDA-approved use for CBD oil, so any other use is performed either in research studies or by individuals who experiment with this herbal remedy on a private basis. The FDA-approved drug that’s made from CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, is prescribed and sold under the name Epidiolex. This CBD-based drug is approved by the FDA as a remedy for two types of epilepsy. CBD is also currently being researched to determine if it’s suitable for patients experiencing complications of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety.  

11 Benefits of CBD Oil

I’ve researched and read a lot about CBD and its cure-all properties. Some of the benefits are a touch sketchy, and others are widely agreed-upon by users of this natural product. Some of the proclaimed benefits of CBD oil, according to people who use CBD oil, include:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Cancer symptom relief
  3. Clears up acne
  4. Eases depression
  5. Relieves anxiety
  6. Treats neurological disorders (This is where the FDA-approved epilepsy drug fits in this puzzle.)
  7. Improves heart health (being studied)
  8.  Supports circulatory system (being studied)
  9.  Increases creativity
  10. Helps with better focus
  11. Better sleep

The Buzz Factor and CBD Oil

CBD oil is used as an ingredient in many products today, ranging from consumables to shampoos, and it’s still in the early stages of exploration due to its connection with marijuana. This emotion-based connection is in place even though the facts show that CBD oil is pressed from a different strain of the cannabis plant than pot comes from and has no naturally occurring THC in it, which is the compound that gets pot users high.

While some brands of CBD oil edibles may leave users feeling a bit spacey, the reasons for using CBD oil and CBD-based products typically aren’t connected with the desire to get a buzz. People typically turn to CBD oil to support natural healing and to ease the complications of medical issues, many of which are associated with aging, and which are affecting today’s baby boomer generation. 

People who use CBD oil seem to be finding more and more positive reasons to jump on the CBD bandwagon every day. Browse around the articles, such as this one on CBD dabs, on the Supplements for Health and Well-Being page here on Intrinsic Vicissitude to learn more about this natural ‘cure-all’ and feel free to ask questions or start a conversation in the comments under any of the articles here on the site. You’re also welcome to hang around as long as you like and share about your experiences with this amazing hemp-based product.


What Are CBD Dabs, and How To Use Them?

Image Credit: Pixabay

CBD is becoming an extremely popular product across the country, and many people are becoming intrigued by it. CBD is known for its several health benefits, and it is gaining steam in the medical world. The properties and effects of CBD have led to CBD being used in treatment for a wide range of problems and illnesses. While many people know of the standard methods of using CBD like tinctures and vaping, there are still some methods that many people are unaware of. One of the more interesting methods of using CBD is CBD dabs. So what exactly are dabs, and how are they used? Here’s everything you need to know about CBD dabs.

Defining CBD Dabs

A CBD dab can be defined as a concentrate of pure CBD. As a result, CBD dabs can be extremely potent for users. Other CBD products usually contain other ingredients or substances, diluting their effects. However, CBD dabs are usually made of extremely pure concentrate, having no other ingredients or substances involved. The type of the CBD dab and how it’s made has a major effect on what on the dab’s effect. Each type of CBD dab can vary in texture, taste, and effects. As a result, CBD dabs are known for both their potency and immediate effect, as well as their wide variance. 

How to Use CBD Dabs

Unlike other methods of taking CBD, using CBD dabs takes a little bit of a process. First, you’re going to need some type of piece that can hold your dabs. Next, you’ll need to use a pipe torch to heat your piece until it’s glowing from the heat. You’ll then need to take your dabs and place them in the heated area, inhaling the vapor from the pipe simultaneously. The concentrate should begin to vaporize as soon as it’s placed in the heated area. The process is fast and has many moving parts, and if you’re not careful it could be easy to waste some dabs.  It might seem like a complicated process at first, but after some experience, the process will become much easier and simpler. 

Effect of CBD Dabs

As mentioned before, CBD dabs can be a great way to obtain the benefits of CBD. Since dabs are pure CBD concentrate and aren’t diluted by other ingredients, they can be extremely potent. CBD dabs are easily vaporized, a method that provides near-instant release into your bloodstream. As a result, using CBD dabs usually provides both instant and potent release, a great combination of efficiency. Within a few seconds of inhaling, you should feel the effects of CBD. CBD dabs contain no THC at all, so they won’t get you high. However, CBD does have a myriad of health benefits. CBD can be used to fight anxiety and depression, and also has some great anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for both physical and mental ailments. If you’re someone who’s looking to use CBD to better their health, then using CBD dabs could be a great way to reap the benefits CBD offers.

A Pandemic Virus, Politics, and Faith

Like so many other people in the world today, I’ve been following the story of the pandemic virus, known as coronavirus, or COVID-19, for a while. Also, like many others, I feel a level of concern and surprise each day as new developments are released.

Coronavirus pandemic image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

The last few weeks have brought some big changes to affected communities, including school closings and many large public gatherings and events being canceled. Interestingly, and sadly, people are politicizing it.

Why It’s Ridiculous to Politicize a Virus

This is the most surprising detail for me – when people turn the coronavirus disease and attempts at protecting human lives from it into a political issue. Trying to protect people from the spread of a disease that can and has caused death isn’t political, or at least it shouldn’t be political.

Trying to protect people from a deadly virus is simply part of being a decent and humane person.

Any government official who tries to protect constituents, whether you agree with their political party or not, should be valued for the humanity and courage it takes to save lives in the face of negative public opinion.

When a Politician Puts Humanity Over Politics

This comes to mind after watching people insult and criticize Ohio’s Governor for closing schools, public gatherings, and more recently, restaurants and bars.

People are referring to the Ohio Governor’s actions as stupid and ridiculous, and I can’t make a judgement on that, but the man is trying to save lives. He isn’t being extreme, he’s being a compassionate human being.

“Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases.”

– Hippocrates

Going back a few weeks, when early news of the coronavirus broke in the US, I watched the video footage as the President mocked those who were concerned and as he passed the disease off as insignificant by saying it wasn’t that bad and, “You probably won’t die.”

You Don’t Always Have to Agree With Someone’s Politics to Find Good in Them

The reality, however, is that people are dying – unnecessarily. Plus, help is slower to arrive than it needed to be due to poor decisions on the part of that same government official, the President.

I later watched as this… “leader”… declared the United States as being in a state of emergency – but only after allowing the virus to spread unchecked for a few weeks first, because it wasn’t “that bad”. Apparently, now it is THAT bad…

Too Little – Too Late for Early Coronavirus Victims, but Giving Credit Where it’s Due

Truly, the national state of emergency declaration came a little too late for those who have already contracted and spread coronavirus – and far too late for those who have already died from it; but, the courage it must have taken the President to backtrack on his earlier claims that coronavirus wasn’t a big deal is commendable.

Compassion image by James Chan from Pixabay

As we progress through the phases of this pandemic virus spreading across the country and the world, my prayer is that we can cast politics aside, because it’s absurd to politicize a human disaster that’s needlessly claiming lives; and, I wish peace, compassion, and healing for each and every one of you. May your health sustain you, and may your spirit be touched by faith to help carry you through.

Why Cooking Is an Activity That Boosts Your Mood

Everyone has the occasional rough day – and taking the time to prepare a meal you enjoy is a positive way to boost your mood when you have one of those days.

Cooking That Improves Your Mood image by Oldmermaid from Pixabay

When you’re having a really busy day, and maybe feeling a little bit tired, it’s easy to categorize cooking among your other day-to-day chores, but it’s so much more than that. Cooking is an opportunity to nourish your spirit while nourishing yourself and your family.

An Expression of Your Creativity

One thing that’s especially wonderful about cooking, is it gives you the opportunity to express your creativity. You can increase or reduce ingredients to adapt the flavor.

If you’re a little low low on one ingredient, you can explore the substitutions you have in your fridge or cupboard. You can also just wing it, and combine some of your favorite foods to create an entirely new recipe.

An Opportunity to Nourish Yourself and Your Family

One important reward of indulging in a cooking session, instead of just throwing a quick meal together, is you can explore the healthy ingredients that accommodate a specific dietary plan.

This is great news if you’re trying to lose weight, or just taking on a keto diet or exploring your gluten-free options.

A Chance to Spice up Your Routine

If you eat the same few meals over and over, enjoying a cooking session gives you a way to mix up the flavors, try new recipes, and make changes to some of your commonly enjoyed meals.

Don’t want to change a favorite recipe? Consider serving it with a different side dish.

You’re in control when you’re cooking, so you set the rules and you can take dinner in the direction that makes you happy.

A Comforting Reward Awaits

A good meal is comforting. So, if you’re cooking something in response to having had a rough day, you get to enjoy the sensation of preparing something wonderful and nutritious for your family along with getting to eat that wonderful, comforting meal when you’re done cooking.

Whether you make traditional comfort foods, like pasta, or you make something lighter and lower in carbs, you get to savor the experience of knowing you created a wonderful meal while you’re enjoying the food.

A Connection to Your Family History

If you have the recipe for ‘Grandma’s pot pie,” “Uncle Ed’s chili.” or “Mom’s secret oatmeal cookies,” you have the chance to enjoy a sense of connection to your family’s history. As human beings, it’s normal to associate flavors and scents with people we love, and food is typically a strong part of the human bonding experience.

That’s why making a recipe that was passed down from parents or grandparents is so significant, and why it can do so much for improving your mood if you’re having a rough day.

Give yourself permission to make a meal that’s as complex, or as easy to make, as you want. The rewards you gain are internal in the form of positive vibes and external when you get to sit down and enjoy the results of your cooking session.

By: Laure Justice

Why You Should Stop and Smell the Flowers When You Need To

I don’t take a lot of time off from work, so I tend to get kind of burned out, so this post is as much as reminder to myself to stop and smell the flowers as it is to show why everyone should.

Image and quote by Laure Justice

I generally work every day. I do this because I work for myself and no one pays the bills if I don’t. So, while I may put in an occasional short day, It’s very rare that I take a full day off. However, that may actually be detrimental to my productivity, and to yours, too, if you don’t take occasional time away from work.

Overworking Is Bad for Your Health

Overworking increases your stress level and your risk of having a heart attack. As far as the heart attack risk, it’s actually based on working more than 10 hours per day, and the increased risk is huge – 60 percent higher than the risk faced by those who keep shorter hours.

This post is actually about taking days off, but realistically, that isn’t always possible, and sometimes long days are part of regular work life. So, you can apply the ‘stop and smell the flowers’ concept in short bursts throughout the day to gain some of the self-care benefits.

Productivity Drops When You Overwork

When you’re putting in too many hours, your productivity drops. So, it may seem as if putting in long days, every day, is going to up your productivity and therefore your earning potential, the reality is it doesn’t happen that way. For most people, the sweet spot in hours to work is around 40 per week, with a maximum of 50, and then productivity drops.

One place that I run into trouble is, I work from home on my computer, and sometimes my work hours blend into my mindless-internet-surfing hours. So, I FEEL like I’m working from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, but actually it’s just that I tried to work too long and my mind wandered… simply, my productivity dropped.

Overworking Changes Your Attitude

When you work too many hours in a day or a week, or you go too long without taking some time for yourself, it affects your attitude. It’s really normal to get cranky and short-tempered toward others when you’re overworked.

I tend to get stuck in a cycle when I overwork. I get annoyed if anyone interrupts me, and I miss out on the chance to connect with family members and friends. Plus, I can’t SEE what I’m doing in terms of the relationships that matter most to me because I get caught up in the work-work-work mentality.

It would so great to hear about your experiences with overworking! Feel free to share your thoughts on overworking and how it affects you in the comments section below, or look for Intrinsic Vicissitude on Facebook to join the conversation there.

By Laure Justice

5 Ideas for Beating Stress Without Binge Eating

Today, I’m feeling super stressed, and my gosh, I want to grab some junk food and crunch away the stress. However, I’m trying hard to make healthier choices this year, and I hate to end up feeling like I wrecked my 2020 goals the second day of the year.

Beating Stress image courtesy of Pixabay

So, I’m trying to refocus, take a few deep breaths, and think of ways to destress without reverting to my old habit of eating something that’s bad for me – and I’m going to share five of my ideas for reducing stress here.

1. Meditation as Stress Therapy

I find meditation challenging. I really envy people who are lucky enough to be able to turn it all off and turn their focus inward. I have found ways I’m able to make it work though, mainly by choosing either a guided meditation to play while I relax or playing binaural beats music.

2. Relieve Stress by Cuddling a Pet

This should probably really have been my number one idea for reducing stress. I find it hard to be in a bad mood or overly stressed when I’m curled up in my chair holding my dog or one of the cats. There is just something so special and beautiful about the unconditional love they offer. I often just need to stop and refocus when I get stressed and make the time to cuddle with them.

3. Sip a Cup of Tea to Ease Stress

Sipping a cup of hot tea relaxes me, so I thought I would add it to my list. This is only if you like tea – I personally only like a few types of tea. It doesn’t have to be tea if another drink comforts your jangled nerves more – after all – if you don’t like tea, then it isn’t going to relax you, it’s going to make you more stressed-out trying to drink it.

4. Music and Exercise for Stress Relief

For me, exercise doesn’t always affect my mood or stress levels positively, but, when I add music or just skip the exercise idea and dance around the house like a fool, I always feel better. So, another way I recommend for reducing stress is putting on some good music, whatever kind of music YOU like, and then get moving whether you like dancing or lifting weights, or whatever.

5. Write in a Positivity Journal to Cut Stress

Journaling is a great way to get thoughts out of your head so you can leave stress behind. I find it doesn’t work for everything, but for things I’m really having a hard time working out in my mind, it helps me organize my thoughts – plus I can go back later and look at the issues that cause me stress when I’m rested and in a different mood.

Join the conversation in the comments below to share your ideas for reducing stress, and look for Intrinsic Vicissitude on Facebook to join our conversation there.

By Laure Justice