Finding Peace Through Gardening

When things get crazy, like now with the coronavirus crisis going on, gardening is a great for finding peace if you enjoy outdoor activities.

Gardening Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Gardening to Get Fresh Air

I’m planning to make this post kind of short because I’m anxious to get outside and work in my own little flowerbed, but I wanted to share how much more positive I feel (and hopefully you might too) when I get away from my electronic devices for a while and enjoy some light gardening.

I don’t have much space for a traditional garden, so I only take on a few potted plants and flowerbed plants each summer, and it’s satisfying because it makes the yard look nicer (Hello, curb appeal!) and it provides fresh air and exercise that lift my spirits.

Working in the Garden Can Help You Sleep Better

I’m not the only one who has noticed these positive benefits, either, According to Health, gardening also helps you destress and can even help you sleep better – and that’s on top of the benefits I’ve already mentioned.

Earthing: Also Known as Grounding

According to numerous experts, including some who prepared a report on earthing for the NCBI website, contact with the earth can help with a variety of ailments, including chronic inflammation, wounds that heal slowly, and autoimmune disorders.

In earthing, a part of the body touches the earth, forming a connection, so the earth’s natural electrical field is transferred into and throughout the body.

It’s not for me to say whether this is true or not, since I’m not a medical doctor, but I will say that I always seem to feel better after working in the soil to plant things or pull weeds from the ground

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