5 Ideas for Beating Stress Without Binge Eating

Today, I’m feeling super stressed, and my gosh, I want to grab some junk food and crunch away the stress. However, I’m trying hard to make healthier choices this year, and I hate to end up feeling like I wrecked my 2020 goals the second day of the year.

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So, I’m trying to refocus, take a few deep breaths, and think of ways to destress without reverting to my old habit of eating something that’s bad for me – and I’m going to share five of my ideas for reducing stress here.

1. Meditation as Stress Therapy

I find meditation challenging. I really envy people who are lucky enough to be able to turn it all off and turn their focus inward. I have found ways I’m able to make it work though, mainly by choosing either a guided meditation to play while I relax or playing binaural beats music.

2. Relieve Stress by Cuddling a Pet

This should probably really have been my number one idea for reducing stress. I find it hard to be in a bad mood or overly stressed when I’m curled up in my chair holding my dog or one of the cats. There is just something so special and beautiful about the unconditional love they offer. I often just need to stop and refocus when I get stressed and make the time to cuddle with them.

3. Sip a Cup of Tea to Ease Stress

Sipping a cup of hot tea relaxes me, so I thought I would add it to my list. This is only if you like tea – I personally only like a few types of tea. It doesn’t have to be tea if another drink comforts your jangled nerves more – after all – if you don’t like tea, then it isn’t going to relax you, it’s going to make you more stressed-out trying to drink it.

4. Music and Exercise for Stress Relief

For me, exercise doesn’t always affect my mood or stress levels positively, but, when I add music or just skip the exercise idea and dance around the house like a fool, I always feel better. So, another way I recommend for reducing stress is putting on some good music, whatever kind of music YOU like, and then get moving whether you like dancing or lifting weights, or whatever.

5. Write in a Positivity Journal to Cut Stress

Journaling is a great way to get thoughts out of your head so you can leave stress behind. I find it doesn’t work for everything, but for things I’m really having a hard time working out in my mind, it helps me organize my thoughts – plus I can go back later and look at the issues that cause me stress when I’m rested and in a different mood.

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By Laure Justice

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