Review of Trust and Will

What if I told you there’s an easy, inexpensive way you can protect your assets and make sure the people you love are protected in the event of your death and it’s software from a company called Trust and Will?

Trust and Will Review
Trust and Will Review image courtesy of Geralt and Pixabay

If you already have a will or trust set up to protect the interests of your loved ones, kudos! If you don’t – why don’t you? There are a lot of obvious reasons why someone wouldn’t… cost of an attorney… too busy… too confusing… and one and on.

An Easy Solution to Writing a Will or Trust

I recently was offered the chance to try out Trust and Will for free in exchange for an Instagram post, which I did. Writing about it here on my blog wasn’t part of the deal, but I was so impressed with the experience, plus I thought what a positive thing it is to do for your loved ones – so I decided to briefly share about it here on Intrinsic Vicissitude.

Life Situations Change

I had a will made years ago by an attorney, but my life situation has since changed drastically. I had been putting off getting a new will due to the high attorney fees.

While I gained access to the software in exchange for a review, it would have still cost only a fraction of what I would have had to pay an attorney if I had gone that route.

By the way, if you want to try the Trust and Will software, try adding the promo code ADULTING in the promo code box – it should give you a $10 discount, at least for a while.

How Long it Takes to Write a WIll Using Trust and WIll Software

It took me exactly 21 minutes to go through the process of writing a will using Trust and Will, and that was from the time I turned the computer on until I reached the final page and reviewed everything.

It really was incredibly easy, and if you need a will, using Trust and WIll was, in my opinion, an extremely easy and effective way to write a will. I didn’t try writing a trust, but my guess is that it’s really close. If you try and do the trust instead of the will, consider popping back on here and letting everyone know what you think.

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