Native Deodorant: Product Review

I received a free sample of Native deodorant from a company called PinchMe. I reviewed the sample on the PinchMe site, as requested, but I wanted to share about it here, too.

Native Deodorant
Free sample of Native Deodorant

My Free Sample of Native Deodorant

As I mentioned above, I got this free sample of Native deodorant in exchange for a review on another website, but I want to share about it here, too.

It’s an interesting personal care product, in my opinion, because it’s designed to give you a clean, fresh feeling without any of the harsh chemicals you find in some other deodorant brands.

Native deodorant info card
Native deodorant info card

My Experience With Native Deodorant

The first thing I noticed about Native deodorant is its light, floral scent. Looking at the Native deodorant website, I see it also comes in unscented, but I personally prefer the light scent the free sample had instead of an unscented product.

Feels thick: The second thing I noticed is how it goes on. It has a slightly different feeling than the deodorant I normally use, and it feels like it maybe goes on thicker. It wasn’t unpleasant or anything, just a bit different.

Need to reapply sooner: I also found I had to wash up and reapply it sooner than I do my regular brand of deodorant. The company’s website comments mention how long it lasts, but that wasn’t my experience.

It seemed to be effective on me for just about six hours before ‘armpit-onion-skunk’ smell started – compared to the 24-hour protection my existing brand provides – so I would say – don’t expect all-day protection from it – based on my experience.

Extra Native deodorant info card
Extra Native deodorant info card

Why I Liked Native Deodorant

I know I mentioned the differences between the deodorant I normally use and Native deodorant, and having a different texture and needing to apply more often could be perceived as negative, but here’s why I think Native deodorant is a great product:

  • It’s healthier for your body because it doesn’t contain sulfates, aluminum, or parabens
  • Cruelty free with no animal testing, ever
  • All-natural ingredient list you don’t need an encyclopedia to decipher

Thanks for visiting Intrinsic Vicissitude. I hope you enjoyed this review of Native deodorant, and your comments and questions are welcome below or on our Facebook page.

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