The Legacy You Leave to Your Loved Ones

Have you ever thought about the legacy you will leave behind when your time on this planet comes to an end?

(Sorry for the sad topic.)

When your time comes and you leave this world, will the people you love know how much you love them?

What Is Your Legacy?

Will you  be leaving behind a legacy that inspires future generations, of either your kin or other people out there in the world?

Most of us are blessed to touch a handful of lives, and hopefully, leave those people we have shared out lives with – with fond memories of some unique trait that we possess, like memories of ‘Mom’s famous pumpkin pie’ or ‘Dad’s skill at gardening.

An awful lot of people leave this world suddenly… unexpectedly, and while I hope that does not happen to anyone reading this, I just want to ask you to consider – what if it did?

(Again, I apologize for the sadness of this topic.)

Would your parents, spouse, children, or best friend know you would never choose to leave them and how much they meant to you, or that you want them to be able to go on – to live rich lives and experience joy in their own lives?

If you have any doubt they would know, take a moment to call them and tell them, or send them a text, or write a letter and mail it to them, write a letter and stick it with your will to be read after you’re gone, or stick it in a bottle and throw it in the ocean like something out of a movie (no – wait – that was bad advice – you probably shouldn’t litter the ocean with bottles) – do whatever is right for you and your situation. 

I don’t want this to be something that makes you sad – my hope is it will bring you the joy of ensuring your loved ones know how much you love them.

And, finally, my note to you, all my readers… if you took the time to read this to the end, I want you to know I treasure the fact that you gave up a few moments of your day to read my words, and I truly hope they bring something positive to your life. I hope you’ll feel free to browse around the site and leave comments if you see anything that inspires you.



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