Organizing Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your peaceful oasis, where you can just relax and feel at ease with the world, but that can’t happen if there is chaos everywhere you look – and a small bedroom makes it even harder to stay organized, so consider trying some of these small bedroom organizing ideas.

Small Bedroom Organizing Ideas

Underbed Storage: You can take advantage of space under your bed by sliding under-bed storage containers filled with garments, shoes, or anything you want to store in an organized manner out of sight.

Corner Shelves: To take advantage of wasted space in the corners of your small bedroom, you can hang storage shelves designed for use in corners, or place a triangular curio cabinet in the corner to hold small items.

Decorative Stacking Baskets: Stacking baskets and bins let you take advantage of dresser tops and closet shelves by neatly storing small items inside the stacked baskets or bins.

Drawer Organizers: While not only for small bedrooms, you can buy drawer organizer to keep your small clothing items, like socks and underwear neatly organized in your dresser, or you can make drawer organizers from things like cereal boxes.

Hanging Baskets: This won’t work if you aren’t able to hang things from your ceiling or walls, but if you can… rather than decorative things like planters from corners of your ceiling, you can hang baskets and then fill them with small items to keep them organized and neatly out of sight.

Cedar Lined Trunks: If you have room for a trunk in your tiny bedroom, you can fill it with linens or garments that are out of season, and then fold a blanket or lace a cushion on top of it, so it can serve double duty as a seat and a storage trunk.

Because each home is different, not all ideas will work in all homes, but you can mix and match these small bedroom organizing ideas to fit your available space.

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