How to Organize Your Laundry Room

Organizing your laundry room might not seem important in rewriting your life story, but anything chaotic causes stress and lost time, and a laundry room is also an important room in the home because walking around in dirty clothes can make you feel bad.

How to organize your laundry room

Tips for Organizing Your Laundry Room

  1. Set your laundry room up like an assembly line. Dirty clothes hamper -> Washing machine -> Dryer -> Folding area – Hanging rack.
  2. Get baskets or plastic bins to hold your laundry supplies.
  3. Keep your stain pretreater by the dirty clothes hamper so you can treat stains before tossing the soiled items in the washing machine.
  4. Keep the laundry detergent with the washing machine so you can put it in the machine without running across the room to get it – same with liquid fabric softener, if you use it.
  5. Keep the dryer sheets with the dryer so you can grab one and toss it quickly in the dryer.
  6. Keep paper towels or a hand towel handy for wiping off the surface of your folding area so your clean clothes won’t get dirty when you fold them.
  7. Keep a few hangers on the hanging rack so you can take clothes right out of the dryer and hang them before they have a chance to wrinkle.
  8. Hang up a dry erase board and keep a dry erase marker tied to it so you can make immediate notes about laundry supplies you need to get.

An organized laundry room by itself won’t change your life, but it will reduce the amount of time spent chasing down misplaced laundry supplies and it will remove one small bit of stress from your life.


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