Organize Your Life With These Easy Organizing Ideas

Getting organized will almost always take some work (unless you hire someone to do it for you) but it’s worth it because being organized reduces chaos and stress and is better for you, overall.

Organize Your Life With These Easy Organizing Ideas

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Getting started may not be the hardest part of getting organized if you are cleaning up a lot of clutter, but without taking the first step, you already know you will never have a neat and organized life.

Start with a planner: Planners can be in your phone, computer, another handheld mobile device, or traditional paper planners. Choose the type of planner that best suits your personal taste. Then, schedule some time into each day to work on getting organized.

Pick a system for getting organized: Browse through the details of different plans or systems for organizing, such as my free ebook, the Three-Bin Organizing System or any plan that interests you. Choose the approach that best resonates with the way you like to work before you begin your organizing project.

Make some labels: Having a place where everything belongs is important for getting things organized, and labels make it easier for everyone else using the area to find things and to get things back where they belong.

  • I like to use a P-Touch label maker for my labels, but I have also seen beautiful labels made on a Dymo labeler, and even handwritten masking tape labels are effective.
  • The advantage of using labels instead of just writing on the surface of something is – it is easier to move labels if you decide to rehome an item.

Get help if you’re overwhelmed: Almost anyone can end up dealing with a disorganized mess, and it can make you feel stuck, isolated, and alone – but you don’t  have to keep dealing with it and you don’t have to tackle it alone.

If you can’t ask a friend or family member to help, you can hire professional organizers can come in with an impartial pair of eyes to help you find a way to keep the items you value most, get rid of the junk, and organize what you choose to keep so you don’t end up with a recurring problem.

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