Meditation Music and Positivity During Workout Routines

The right music can help put you ‘in the zone’ for workouts, and if you’re trying to achieve a high level of total fitness, it’s helpful to add some meditation music that enhances your state of positivity to the stretching phases of your workout routines.

Meditation Music for Workout Routines

Meditation Music and Positivity During Workout Routines

Short Workout Routines

If you are planning a short fairly low-intensity workout, five minutes of stretching at the beginning and again at the end might be all you want to add to your fitness routine, and one easy and positive way to do that is to select five-minute tracks of meditation music for the stretching phases.

This applies to yoga stretches or basic stretches like you were taught in your high school gym class, the result is the same as long as you warm up and stretch out your muscles before and after your workout.

Longer Workout Routines

If you plan a longer, or high-intensity workout, increase the meditation music tracks to ten or fifteen minutes at the beginning and end to give you adequate time to warm up your muscles and then stretch and cool down to reduce soreness from an intense workout. (Running Times recommends twenty minutes for the cool down period after a hard run.)

For specifics on your ideal warm up time, you should always discuss your workout routines with your doctor or personal trainer before making changes – then choose positive, slow-paced meditation music to accommodate and enhance the beginning and end of your workout.


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