Super Easy Organization Tips for the Kitchen

It is hard to feel good about your home when it’s a mess, and that applies whether you’re talking about the kitchen or any other room, but this post focuses only on organizing the kitchen.

By Laure Justice

Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization
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 While organizing should always begin with taking a look around the room and making  a plan, you don’t have to invest a lot of time in this step, because you won’t really know exactly what you need to do until you jump in there and get started.

Just make a very general plan, to get yourself started – momentum is your friend when you’re trying to get organized, because once you start it feels great and you’ll – hopefully – want to keep going.

Organizing Tips

The best place to start depends on the amount of disorganization you’re dealing with – if clutter hoarding is a problem in the kitchen you’re cleaning, you’ll almost have to start with decluttering.


Set up a couple of boxes or plastic storage bins, and a trash can, then begin sorting things into the bins.

  • Stack things as neatly as possible, so more fits in the bins.
  • Take the trash out as soon as the trash can gets full, so it won’t get knocked over and have to be picked up a second time.
  • Stop to wash dishes as soon as the bins are full.
  • Wipe down counters, dust, and mop as soon as a surface is cleaned off.

Get Organized

How to Organize Your Organize Your Kitchen
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Organize the kitchen for convenience – put items used for baking closer to the oven, put pots and pans and cooking utensils close to the cook-top.

Take advantage of labeling. Get out your P-Touch or Dymo, or just use masking tape and a marker to make note of where things belong. This makes it easier to stay organized as you get used to your new, tidy kitchen layout.

I hope these kitchen organizing ideas inspire you and you find them helpful – and I invite you to ask questions, leave a comment, and browse around the site to learn more home organization ideas.

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