How Not Knowing About Motivation Can Make You Fail

I woke up this morning, and I didn’t want to do anything but sleep some more, and I’m betting I’m not the only one who woke up today with no motivation and a major desire to procrastinate for a while.

So, instead of sleeping in, I got up and decided to see how my urge to just give in and let the day win could be used to help someone else who might be feeling the same thing – so here’s what I’ve found.

Dictionary Definition of Motivation

Motivation is, according to

  • the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to actin a certain way
  • the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something
  • something that motivates; such as inducement or incentive

In simpler terms, for the purpose of this short discussion, motivation is what causes you to act and make your life better.

By contrast, lack of motivation is what causes you to procrastinate – it stops you from getting things done and making changes in your life.

Motivation Versus Procrastination

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Motivation is practically the opposite of procrastination, and here’s why… without motivation, without something propelling you forward – whether something internal (like intense desire) or an outside force (like the need to work so you can buy food) – you have inaction… you have procrastination.

  • For people who struggle with motivation, procrastination and a feeling of failure can be a lifelong problem, but I’m here to tell you that you can beat it.
  • It’s a choice, and it’s your choice to make every day.
  • Did yesterday go how you wanted it to? No? That’s okay, today is a new day, so choose one small thing to do first, then just – do it.
  • You’ll feel better, as long as what you have to do isn’t horrible, and even if it’s horrible, it will be done and out of the way so you can move ahead to whatever is next for you.

Why Do People Procrastinate?

A lot of things can make people procrastinate, such as:

  • Past failure or a negative experience
  • Depression
  • Getting overwhelmed or going through too much change at once
  • Loneliness
  • Feeling a disconnection between goals and end results

How to Stop Procrastinating

To stop procrastinating, you need to do exactly what I did when I started writing this article…. you need to act and just start doing the thing you’re putting off.

  • You don’t have to look at it as a chore, and you don’t even have to decide to do the whole thing – in fact – there are times when it’s better to give yourself permission to just work on something for ten or fifteen minutes.
  • Break big, long-term goals into manageable parts.
    • For example, writing this or any article today felt impossible when I woke up, but I thought about what I wanted to write about, researched what felt important about the topic based on what I was feeling, and how motivation and procrastination are such opposite things, and I wrote about each thing and shared what I found and what I feel and believe about them, and I have written over 500 words about the topic, hopefully you’ll find something here you can use, but if you don’t – I leave the comments open – just ask away – I would love to help you find some motivation to do whatever you need to do.
  • Compared to total inaction – which is what you get if you procrastinate – small action is significant – and it is the first step toward winning the race.

So, what about you? What can you do today to kick-start your own motivation?


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