What Are Some Things You Can Do to Empower Yourself?

Being self-empowered means having the strength and courage to act based on your own self-knowledge.

What Are Some Things You Can Do to Empower Yourself?

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For anyone lacking confidence, the notion of becoming self-empowered can feel like it’s miles away… impossible even… but it doesn’t have to be.

The change might or might not come fast, but you have to decide that, and your choices and decisions decide the outcome.

If you don’t choose self-empowerment, you empower others to control you, and that means you choose to be disempowered.

Powerful Self-Empowerment Tips

  • Help someone else: It’s very, very hard to feel weak or bad for yourself when you’re reaching out to help someone else.
  • Unleash your creativity: Use your natural talents and explore your personal interests.
    • These are the things that define you and give you the power to control your destiny.
    • Savor them and use them.
  • Pamper yourself: Do something positive for yourself every day.
    • Some days this might  be meditating or exercising.
    • Other days it might be giving yourself a foot massage, soaking in a warm bath.
  • Accept your humanity: No one is perfect. Expecting yourself to be perfect when it’s humanly impossible is setting yourself up for failure and self-loathing.
    • Forget perfection.
    • Be the best person you can be and forgive yourself when you screw up.
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  • To-Do List your dreams: Inaction feels lousy and it takes away your power. Do you have a goal or dream you keep putting off for someday?
    • Well, let today be that someday. Write it down, break it into a few small steps to get started, and check each one off as you complete it.
    • Look at your checked-off to do list often, each of those checks is a reminder that you are not powerless, and you have proof because you have done things to achieve your dreams.
  • Educate yourself: Learn all you can. Open your mind and ask why things are the way they are and why people react to life the way they do.
    • Can’t afford college? Not an excuse – hit the Library and pick up books on what you need.
    • Don’t have time to go to the Library? Take advantage of the Internet. (Just be sure to use reliable sources for important information.)

Choose who you are, and be that person. That is being self-empowered, and you CAN do it – anyone with the ability to reason can.