An Unhappy Relationship Is Like Thick Fog

If you’ve ever driven or walked in heavy fog, you know you can’t see very far ahead. You don’t know what’s coming at you, you can’t see what you might hit if you keep going, you might not even really know if you are on the right road at all.

Unhappy Relationship

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Being in an unhappy relationship is like that. You can try to keep going, even though you know it’s not good or safe, but then you don’t know from second to second what is about to come crashing into your life – more likely than not bringing stress and disaster.

Relationship Choices

It can feel like you’re trapped, because where can you run if you don’t know what dangers are around you? You do have choices, though.

  • You can continue muddling through the fog of unhappiness.
  • You can get out of the fog and move on to a brighter, sunnier place that isn’t wrapped in thick fog.
  • You can figure out a way to feel safe while still in the fog.

A lot of people just stay trapped and feel sorry for themselves, and complain to anyone who happens to wander into their fog, but that, staying in an unhappy state, is in itself, a choice.

Take Action and Embrace Positivity

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If that’s where you are right now, trapped in an unhappy relationship, do something positive for yourself. I’m not saying leave the relationship. I’m not saying stay in it. Only you can decide that part. I’m saying, there are things you can do to bring positivity into your life, and you should take action and do the positive things – for yourself – that feel right to you.


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